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Why yes, Jess is the best.

I'm Jess, one of the mods.

I got rather bored and figures what the hell here's a pointless application for you kids to learn a thing or two.

The Need To Knows...
Name: Jess
Age: 14.
Location: Between the sheets
Sex: When and Where?
Sexual Preference: Often
Marital Status:  As far as you are concerned it's a complicated matter.
Siblings: Genevieve , 20. Megan , 18.

Top Five...

Movies: The Doors, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Life of David Gale , Donnie Darko , 28 Days Later

Bands/Music: The Doors , Bright Eyes , Taking Back Sunday, Nirvana, and name a FEW.

Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
            No One Here Gets out Alive
            HAWK : Occupation : Skateboarder
            Catcher in the Rye

TV Shows: Crossing Jordan
                  I love the 70s
                  I Love the 80s
                  I Love the 90s
                  Without a Trace

Songs: Lover I Don't Have To Love ( Or any Bright Eyes song, really. )
           Social Slut
           Lithium ( Or any Nirvana Song ,really. )
           Moonlight Sonata
           Any Taking Back Sunday Song
Color: Grey
Actor: Jake Gyllenhal
Actress: Nicole Kidman
Poem/Lyric/Quote: New York Maiden
everyone has Their own magic
There is no death
so nothing matters
High Style
Flash & forgive me
high button shoes
clean arrangement
messy breeding
love's triumph
everlasting hope & fulfillment
Book: The Perks of being a Wallflower.
TV Show:Crossing Jordan
Author: James Douglass Morrison
Food: Carrots.
Movie: Very close between The Doors and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.


Who are your role models? : Sid Vicious, Jim Morrison, and Lizzie Borden.

Most memorable experience: I cherish all of my memories.

What do you find attractive in a guy/girl? : Taller than myself,  A cunning sense of humor , excellent music taste, and radiante eyes.

Long term goals in life: To earn a  doctoral degree in medicine.
                               To eat Belgium waffles in a Canadian diner.
                               To bed every member of Hanson for bragging rights.


Do you...

Smoke: It's comlicated, that story is.
Drink: Whenever the oppertunity passes.
Have any peircings?: Yes.
Tattoos?: None ... YET!
Play instruments: Kazoo, Air Guitar, and I'm in the process of teaching myself left handed acoustic.

Opinions on...

Gay marriages:  Again to make this short and painless, thought not my style, Everyone deserves equal oppertunities.
Martha Stewart: My grandma seems to get along just fine witout Insider Trading, why should she get off easy? I am looking forward to seeing her new shows speaking of " How to Decorate an 8 by 6 cell while Being Someone's Bitch."
Suicide: I have found myself in a suicidal role. While in this role I thought that there was no other answers. I was wrong. There are always other options.
Abortion:  I once gave an abortion speech at the NJ State House. I support everything I said in this speech, yet I have never been in this positions. You do not her news reports of justifiable abortions you only hear the bad. It is not uncommon for there to be abortions for the better.
Death penalty: If a crime justifies a death then I am a full supporter.
Labels: To place it rather simply : Labels are for cereal boxes...not people.


Last show you went to (if any) : Sugarcult, Phantom Planet and Blue Collar.

Why do you want to be in this community?: I am this community's idol.

Promote, give us the link where you promoted: I am promotion enough.

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