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Hey <3

Name: Nicole
Age: 16
Location: New York
Sex: Female
Sexual Preference: Guys
Marital Status: Taken<3

Top Five...

+ Mean Girls
+ Finding Nemo
+ Harry Potter
+ Cruel Intentions
+ Grease

+ Ashlee Simpson
+ Christina Aguleria
+ Nelly
+ Usher
+ Hilary Duff

+ Harry Potter 1
+ Harry Potter 2
+ Harry Potter 3 >>> Sorry its the only books i read = \
+ Harry Potter 4
+ Harry Potter 5

TV Shows:
+ Friends
+ Sex and The City
+ Queer Eye for The Straight Guy
+ Will and Grace
+ Lost

+ Over and Over Again
+ Beautiful Soul
+ My Boo<3
+ Ove Mi Canto
+ Drop it Like its Hot


Color: Pink
Actor: Tom Cruise
Actress:Paris Hilton
Poem/Lyric/Quote: When I see you I got to stop to catch my breath Because its something that you do to me
That I just cant express And it may seem kind of crazy but it's true Everything is all about you, yeah
Book: Harry Potter
TV Show: Friends
Author: JK. Rowling
Food: Cofee
Movie: Mean Girls


Who are your role models?: Christina Aguleria & Paris Hilton
Most memorable experience: humm lots of those
What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: There asss
Long term goals in life: to get out of high school

Do you...

Smoke: no
Drink: yesss
Have any peircings?: yes
Tattoos?: yes (1)
Play instruments: hell no

Opinions on...

Gay marriages: go for it <3
Martha Stewart:die!
Suicide: no way
Abortion:if you have no other choice yes
Death penalty:no


Last show you went to (if any):dont remember
Why do you want to be in this community?: ?
Promote, give us the link where you promoted:

Ill get pictures Laterrr<3 Nicole
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