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your dollface mod

hey its gabby. one of your mods.
heres my application, just for the hell of it.

The Need To Knows...

Name: Gabby.
Age: Underage and full of rage.
Location: Your bedroom.
Sex: Anytime.
Sexual Preference: Non rainbow.
Marital Status: Not taken ;).
Siblings: Older, Meghan. Younger, Bre.

Top Five...


+Girl Interrupted
+Sid and Nancy
+Rocky Horror Picture Show
+Donnie Darko
+Ghost World


+Taking Back Sunday
+The Distillers
+Hole/Courtney Love
+Operation Ivy
+Marilyn Manson


+Journals; Kurt Cobain
+Cut; Patricia McCormick
+Innoncence; Jane Mendohlson
+Anything by Anne Rice
+Gingerbread; Rachel Cohn

TV Shows:

+Rock Countdown
+Real World
+The Days
+Adult Swim


+The Distillers - I Am A Revanant
+Marilyn Manson - Do You Love Your Gun?
+Hole - Pretty On The Inside
+Anything Taking Back Sunday
+Anything Nirvana


Color: Mostly dark colors.
Actor: Whoever that new kid is on The Days.
Actress: Thora Birch.

from the movie "Girl Interrupted"
"razors pain you. rivers are damp.
acid stains you. drugs cause cramp.
guns arent lawful. nooses give.
gas smells awful. you might as well live."

Book: Innocence by: Jane Mendohlson
TV Show: The Days
Author: Anne Rice
Food: I am fat. I hate food.
Movie: Girl Interrupted or Ghost World


Who are your role models?: Dita Von Teese, Brody Dalle, Courtney Love, Jessica (the ultimate Social Slut Idol).
Most memorable experience: I have a problem with remembering the bad instead of the good.
What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: Their style, charactor, and their taste in music.
Long term goals in life: I plan on going to college, in New York. Possibly start a band, move to the big city, start over new.

Do you...

Smoke: Often.
Drink: Not so often.
Have any peircings?: Yes, 4.
Tattoos?: None at the moment.
Play instruments: Drums, learning/wanting to play guitar.

Opinions on...

Gay marriages: You love who you love. Everyone deserves the right to be happy. You can't help who you fall in love with.

Martha Stewart: You get what you deserve. The old hag won't even be in there too long. Shes lucky she got what she got. Damn domestic divas.

Suicide: Whats done is done. There is help out there.

Abortion: I think in only EXTREME cases should this happen. If a teen were to be raped, or in a gang rape, I could see where an abortion would come into play, but NEVER EVER should an abortion be done when its NOT ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. You had sex. Its not the fetus' fault. You get what you deserve. *ahem*

Death penalty: I am against it. Why kill them? They did what they did, let them live life knowing that they will be waking up in CELL A for the rest of their life. Let 'em suffer.

Labels: I think they are catty. Come on kids, get over yourselves. You are what you are, dont like it? Keep it to yourself.


Last show you went to (if any): Skinny Puppy at club Shampoo in Phila.
Why do you want to be in this community?: Because I am a mod.
Promote, give us the link where you promoted: click here

(at least 2 clear shots of yourself, as many as you want.)




thats all dollfaces!

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