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The Need To Knows...


Name: Kaitlin Rae


Age: 13


Location: Pemberton New Jersey, the most unpleasant place ever.


Sex: Female


Sexual Preference: I like my guys. =)


Marital Status: I'm in between being single and taken. It's a bit of a long story.


Siblings: I have three siblings, all girls. One is a whole sister, she's 7. The other two and step sisters, one 14 and the other 12.




Top Five...


Movies: Anchorman * Love Actually * American Raphsody * The Perfect Score * Forest Gump


Bands/Music: Taking Back sunday, Brand New, From autumn to Ashes, Sublime, Coheed and Cambria.


Books: The lovely Bones * Any books written by Lemony Snicket * The sisterhood of the traveling pants * Holes * The Giver


TV Shows: That 70s show * The Real world * Dawson's Creek * My so called life * Daria


[1] Cute without the E, cut from the team* taking back sunday
[2] Everything evil * Coheed and Cambria
[3] Seven times seventy * Brand New
[4] no trivia * From autumn to ashes
[5] awful * hole






Color: Purple and black. =)


Actor: Johnny Depp


Actress: Scarlett Johanssen


You're just like the blood, dripping from my eyes,
you are a sober, straight face, hidden by disguise,
You are the strands of hair, clouding up my face,
and underneath the dress I wore, you are the short black lace.
You are the sour aftertaste, filling up my mouth.
You are the so-called "civil war" between the north and the south.
You are the december's morning's shining,
you're the table, at which I'm dining.
You're the broken heart, they'd tried to mend,
You're the young boy's body, just found dead.
You are somewhat enexpected, and rarely ever needed.
Only you can make me drown and float at once.
You are the silent, yet deadly smoke,
you're the boy whose fait was to choke.
You are the present, scared of moving on,
you're the lovely feeling, after love has gone.
You are exactly what I hate to need.

((Sorry It's so long!))



Book: The slippery slope, by lemony snicket.


TV Show: Daria


Author: Lemony Snicket

Food: Chinese white rice. Plain, but satisfying. =)


Movie: American Raphsody






Who are your role models?: My mom is one. She raised me while still in school, because she had me at the age of 17. She is a very strong person who knows what she wants. =)

Gabby is also my role model. She is beautiful, smart, and so sweet. I love her to pieces.


Most memorable experience: When my Mother and I were moving back to California from Kentucky, because of the divorce. My Dad and I were both crying so hard, and my sister, only about 3 at the time had asked my Dad why we were crying. My dad had told her that we had both stubbed our toe. I'm not really sure why I remember this so well, but I do.
It's not of great matter, but I just remember it really well.


What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: I love green or blue eyes, and long hair on guys is  very attractive.


Long term goals in life: I would love to travel the world, forgein coutries and whatnot. I also have a dream of becoming an author/ poet.




Do you...


Smoke: Nope.


Drink: Sometimes.


Have any peircings?: I wish...


Tattoos?: Nope


Play instruments: A bit of guitar and bass.






Opinions on...


Gay marriages:  I'm totally for it. Can I make a straight person fall in love with a member of the same sex? I don't think so. So why can't they just be happy? Let them have the same rights as straight people.


Martha Stewart: I don't really have an opinion on her. I think that she was smart for what she did, even if it was illegal. 


Suicide: I hate it, and I think that you should do everything possible to avoid it, whether it be you, a friend or a family member. I wish that people would just realize that things can change, and that you have to be strong.


Abortion: I don't believe in it, because it's like killing an innocent human being. If you get raped, that would be a reasonable excuse, but there is always adoption.


Death penalty: You kill, you are killed. That's how i see it.


Labels: I think that they are stupid. I don't see a point in it.







Last show you went to (if any): The warped tour..sort of. =)

Why do you want to be in this community?: I love the name, and Gabbo is in it, so it couldn't be bad, could it?


Promote, give us the link where you promoted:











Thank ya <3


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